Teaching with Zoom from Home (COVID-19 Outbreak)

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To successfully teach from home with Zoom live video conferencing during the outbreak, the instructor and students will manually join the meeting before each class by clicking on the Zoom meeting link predetermined by the instructor. 

Participants and instructor will needed:

a/ а laptop with webcam and microphone (most of the devices are equiped)

b/ Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). These speeds change by the minute. With speeds less than that you may turn off your cameras  and use voice only. Check your Internet bandwidth at speedtest.net. 

c/ Learn the basics of Zoom software (below)

(Click here for More information on teaching during pandemia)

Preparations for the class:

STEP 1: Create a Course Zoom Meeting in Blackboard. Each course should have a different Zoom meeting.

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STEP 2: Share your Course Meeting ID with all your students (sample letter for your convenience



On each class session:




STEP 1: Login into your Zoom account on your computer you are planning to use during the session

Step-by-step Instructions

Zoom VC host
Share your computer screen with other participants Zoom share screen icon

Guide to Using Zoom in UMS Video Conferencing Classrooms, if you  teach  from one of UMA Center locations on Polycom equipment. 

Zoom Guide for Students (Instructor, please share it with your students)
At the end of the class sesction please do not forget to click "End Meeting" and select "End Meeting For All" - not "Leave meeting". End Meeting Button Icon


Using Recorded Videos for students' asynchronous access:


Add Kaltura Videos in Blackboard Using Build Content & Tools MashupYou can add Kaltura videos in any Content Area in your course using Build Content or Tools.


Add Videos to the Course Media GalleryThe Course Media Gallery is a place in your course where you can store a collection of videos or allow students to upload videos for the rest of the class to see.
Add Kaltura Videos in Blackboard Using the Text EditorYou can add videos in your class anywhere you can find the rich text editor.
Upload Videos on the GoUpload video from KMS Go mobile app for iPhone and Android.
Edit Captions in Kaltura: Edit the automatic captions for your videos.
Kaltura Video Player: see the many features of the Kaltura Video Player.
Share Kaltura Media Outside Blackboard : Get a shareable link to allow others outside Blackboard to see your multimedia.
Video CollaborationShare videos with your peers so they can edit and/or publish them in their Blackboard courses.