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UMA Faculty Development Center

The Faculty Development Center is your one-stop shop for faculty seeking assistance virtually or in person with distance teaching, student engagement at a distance, implementation or use of educational technology. 

We are here for you to answer questions on technology in teaching, troubleshoot Blackboard or Kaltura, explore tech tools to suit your needs, and help you align the design of your online learning assets to your teaching goals.

Faculty Services we offer:

Course Design Analysis

Per faculty individual request, we will examine your course materials in Blackboard or others that you provide, and complete an analysis based on evidence-based practices in teaching and learning. We do not make evaluative judgments on quality of instruction, nor do we share the results of the analysis with anyone else, unless you ask us to do so. We will simply provide you with a list of highlights that we think you should keep doing, and some suggested edits for improving your course design. You are under no obligation to make the suggested changes. Ask us for a Course Design Analysis at any time for any one or more of your courses. We are also happy to focus on only one particular aspect of your class. Take a look at the Course Design Review rubric we may use with you.

eLearning Grants

The purpose of these grants is to support University of Maine System faculty to explore, test, experiment with and identify, new and emerging technology tools for teaching and learning. Each year, full- and part-time faculty (including adjunct), can apply for up to $2,000 to support projects that focus on emerging e-learning tools and/or leveraging existing UMS-provided technologies, for their potential to improve access, remove barriers to successful degree completion and enhance distance education opportunities throughout the UMS. 

Read more about the UMA Faculty e-Learning Grants

Tech Exploration

Are you up on all the latest technology tools available today? Of course not! With technology changing so fast and more tools becoming available all the time, it's difficult to stay up to date. Let us do the work for you! Bring us the instructional challenge, and we will help to find just the right technological solution. Are you interested in exploring a new tool you've discovered? Let us know and we will take a deep dive with you.

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Blackboard and Kaltura Support

Blackboard and Kaltura help you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls by breathing life into educational content. They both are empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner. We are here to support beginning as well as advanced users of these tools. In addition to individualized support, we also maintain tutorials on our website on Blackboard and Kaltura

Lunch & Learn sessions and Workshops

Faculty Development Center facilitates a series of Lunch & Learn sessions and workshops throughout the year.  This is a format of instructional development facilitated by faculty and staff for faculty. Workshops have generally a more hands-on, applied component to explore features and functionality of a certain educational technology tool.

Instructional Design

Are you planning a new course or teaching a course for the first time? Let us help you plan your course effectively and efficiently using the Backwards Design process. We will meet with you one or more times to help you to establish clear and measurable learning objectives, assessments to measure those outcomes, and a plan for instruction. We will help you make the best use of the learning modality you will be using, whether traditional face-to-face, hybrid, videoconference, ITV, or online. See our outline on Course Design for more information.