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UMA Faculty Development Center

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IT Specialist CL3 Learning Experience
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  Andrei Strukov
  Faculty Development &
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Media Services Technician


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Photo of Robert “BJ” Kitchin Jr., MSW

Robert “BJ” Kitchin Jr., MSW
(207) 262-7859

Director,  UMA Instructional Services

As the UMA Director of Instructional Services BJ works side by side with like-minded, intelligent, passionate and devoted staff of the Instructional Services unit. The UMA IS team partners with faculty to determine which teaching strategies and types of technology best inform the design of teaching and learning for our students at our multiple locations and online.  Then we partner to make it happen! This includes everything from lecture captures to producing course videos to designing interactive and engaging online courses and content. By partnering with our UMA faculty, together we are advancing learning and discovery through excellence and innovation while addressing the complex challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century through research-based knowledge.  

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Photo of Andrei Strukov

Andrei Strukov

Director, Faculty Development & Support Services

Andrei brings experience generating and supporting a vision for faculty professional development. His strengths are illustrated in his partnering with faculty to assess their needs and goals, in his ability to determine relevant and creative action steps to meet those goals, and with his targeted expertise in educational technologies, online pedagogical approaches and distance course delivery. 

With many years of full-time classroom teaching experience at the University of Maine, Colby College and Bates College, Andrei understands needs and challenges that faculty face – and he speaks their language. He strongly believes that student engagement in any course – face-to-face, distance, or blended – is the key to success for student achievement and faculty expectations of learning outcomes.

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Photo of Bill Starrett

Bill Starrett

Distributed Learning Media Support Services Manager

Bill produces live video in the ITV classroom on the UMA campus. Off-air he assists faculty and students in Blackboard. Further, Bill creates instructional and special interest vignettes with Camtasia and Adobe Premier Elements. He holds a BS degree in Business Administration-Management from UMA and serves as the local access governmental television station manager at a nearby municipality, in addition to freelancing as a video producer specializing in capturing public events and streaming live content to the web from remote locations.

Photo of Greg Keneborus

Greg Keneborus

Instructional Technologist

Photo of Jane Finison-Jones

Jane Finison-Jones
(207) 621-3308

Media Services Technician

Jane is a Media Services Technician CL2 in the Media Services department at UMA. She supports faculty in planning courses for broadcast to the UMA sites and centers statewide. She also aids students, faculty and staff with classroom/distance learning technologies such as Blackboard. She has a B.A. in Communication Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a certification in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Boston.

Fun fact: Jane creates ceramic art, participates in improvisational theater and enjoys cycling and kayaking.

Photo of Jonathan Church

Jonathan Church

Learning Design Support Specialist

Jonathan has a passion for technology, media and end-user support & training, and brings a breath of knowledge and experience to UMA. Jonathan has been involved extensively in the Project ECHO model, which brings together multi-disciplinary faculty to move knowledge, not people. The principles of ECHO translates seamlessly to our distributed learning higher education model, in his approach to supporting and developing distance learning and course design. 

As a non-traditional student himself, Jonathan understands the barriers faculty face when attempting to engage their adult learner population. He is eager to apply his knowledge and skills to serving the UMA faculty, helping them to deliver exciting and engaging education content.

Jonathan is based in Augusta. He is working with all of us on the transition to Brightspace, and will focus on designing, developing and delivering faculty support services and training. 

Photo of Laura Ingles

Laura Ingles
(207) 262-7780

Media Services Technician

Laura has worked as an MST for UMA for many years. She has worked with associates from the Orono, Bangor, Machias, and Augusta  University of Maine campuses as well as Eastern Maine Community College and Kennebec Valley Community College. Ensuring students have a smooth experience in their courses is one of her specialties. She also works directly with instructors to incorporate new technology and other materials into their courses. She supports and collaborates with many types of modalities: Live Streaming, Pre-Recorded Lectures for online, Video Conferencing, Skype, Adobe Connect and ITV.

She is currently self-studying American Sign Language and Spanish. She is also getting back into photography and looking forward to her trip to Cuba in March of 2017.

Photo of Luke Martin

Luke Martin
(207) 262-7780

Media Services Technician

Working as a Media Service Technician, Luke’s relationship with the UMA campus began in the fall of 2015 as a student within our Music Program studying Audio and Music Education. After taking time off to focus on work and the birth of his daughter, Luke returned to our campus to further his knowledge of music and the arts. During his free time, Luke continues to pursue his love for music by playing guitar and other instruments in various bands, writing and recording himself as well as other local musicians, and if that’s not enough he also teaches music. Needless to say, music is his life. With that said, Luke is also very advanced with computers, going so far to receive an Apple Teaching certification.

Photo of Rick Burns

Rick Burns

Media Service Technician

Rick is a 1992 graduate of the New England School of Communications. While attending, he earned the honor of being named “Sound Recording Student of the Year.” Following this, Rick honed his craft as a videographer and editor, producing commercials, documentaries, promotional and music videos. His video journalism work was acknowledged in 1997 with an Associated Press of Ohio First Place Feature award. In addition, Rick’s video work with multimedia companies along with NBC and CBS affiliates has taken him to several states, as well as to Canada and the Dominican Republic. During this time, he furthered his education in Arts and Graphic Design while attending the University of Maine at Augusta and Youngstown State University in Ohio.

Rick’s career at UMA started in 2001 as a Distance Education Technician. Currently, he is a Media Services Technician ll at the Augusta campus and works in Interactive television. He also produces videos for the University of Maine at Augusta. In addition to working at UMA, Rick owns and operates a multimedia production company, Wing Walker Media. He enjoys writing and recording music, gardening, camping and cooking vegan meals with his wife Allison.

Photo of Roman Blyzniuk

Roman Blyzniuk

IT Specialist CL3

Roman is a self-aware carbon-based unit originated on the planet Earth (Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy). Roman feels as his mission on this planet is to utilize his advanced knowledge of technology to overcome various challenges that arise within different partitions of society. Which is why he is currently holding a position at Faculty Development Center that other carbon-based units titled as “IT Specialist CL3”. To forward his experience with technology Roman has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science with minor in Cyber Security at the University of Maine Augusta. Roman’s overseer requested to compose a self-portraying statement, however, Roman's poor comprehension of social customs makes it challenging for him to complete this task. Hopefully, the provided information about Roman will satisfy societal expectations. 

Photo of Stephen Hatch

Stephen Hatch

Media Services Technician

Stephen Hatch works at UMA - Augusta campus as a Media Services Technician. He assists faculty in preparing and broadcasting classes to a statewide audience at the UC sites and centers, and he helps students and faculty with technical questions, Blackboard issues, and general distance education concerns. He has attended UM, USM, and has taken architecture classes through UMA. Stephen has had a background in technical fields, including stints as an iodination lab supervisor, a dialysis clinic chief technician, and has served many years as an MST at UMA.

Fun fact: Stephen also restores historic military vehicles and plays guitar in Pejepscot Station, a Bluegrass/Americana band.

Photo of Tina Diagle

Tina Diagle

Learning Experience Designer

Tina started with UMA in May 2020 as the Learning Experience Designer. She collaborates with the instructional services team and faculty to assist in developing well-designed, engaging learning experiences based on learning theory, universal design principles, and best practice. Her knowledge of Blackboard and Brightspace is beneficial to the transition to and future use of Brightspace. Tina has an EdD from the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction and she will work primarily from the August campus.

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