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Kaltura Tutorials for Faculty

View the tutorials below to learn the basics of using Kaltura for teaching and learning in your Blackboard class. Click the links for printed step-by-step instructions and view the videos to see the steps in action. Download Kaltura Personal Capture Software : Record videos on your computer using the Kaltura Personal Capture recorder. Follow these steps to download and install the software. Kaltura (on Windows computers only) and Zoom allow you to send computer audio to the remote attendees when sharing a video or audio clip. Getting Around My Media: My Media is where all of your videos are stored. Record a video using Kaltura Capture recorder: Use the Kaltura Capture recorder to record webcam videos, screencasts, PowerPoints, and podcasts, then add them to any Blackboard course. Add Kaltura Videos in Blackboard Using Build Content & Tools Mashup: You can add Kaltura videos in any Content Area in your course using Build Content or Tools. Kaltura (on Windows computers only) and Zoom allow you to send computer audio to the remote attendees when sharing a video or audio clip. Add Videos to the Course Media Gallery: The Course Media Gallery is a place in your course where you can store a collection of videos or allow students to upload videos for the rest of the class to see. Add Kaltura Videos in Blackboard Using the Text Editor: You can add videos in your class anywhere you can find the rich text editor. Upload Videos on the Go: Upload video from KMS Go mobile app for iPhone and Android. Edit Captions in Kaltura: Edit the automatic captions for your videos. Kaltura Video Player: see the many features of the Kaltura Video Player. Share Kaltura Media Outside Blackboard NEW: Get a shareable link to allow others outside Blackboard to see your multimedia. Video Collaboration: Share videos with your peers so they can edit and/or publish them in their Blackboard courses.
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Kaltura Tutorials for Students

Use these tutorials to help your students learn to use Kaltura to record and submit videos in Blackboard. You can even add them to your Blackboard courses!
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Academic Technology Webinar: Recording & Managing Videos with Kaltura (27:31)

In this webinar, you will see a brief introduction to Kaltura and how you can use it to add media, like videos and pictures, in Blackboard, or publish them on the web. There is also a demonstration of the new recording tool called Kaltura Personal Capture.
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Upload an MP4 Video to Your Class

This tutorial provides step-by-step directions for uploading an mp4 video into your Blackboard course using the Kaltura Media Mashup.
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Kaltura Classroom - Video Overview

Currently implemented at UMA during the spring 2018 semester as campus pilot. Download Tipsheet here.
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Kaltura Mobile

Kaltura Mobile App (iOS and Android) Kaltura Mobile Videos on the go! Did you know that you can watch your Kaltura videos and record them on the go? Kaltura has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices called Kaltura MediaSpace Go. You can watch videos in My Media on your mobile device, but best of all, you can record videos from anywhere, not just your laptop or classroom! Do you want your students to see how tools are sterilized in the clinic? See what an after hours at the Chamber of Commerce looks like? Know what it looks like to visit their representatives at the Statehouse? You can record video from anywhere on your mobile device and uploaded automatically to My Media. Then you can easily add it anywhere inside your Blackboard course. This means your students can do this, too! You can assign them to read Leaves of Grass out in nature and reflect on the experience. They can interview a professional in the field. Ask them to record a role-playing counseling session. KMS Go lets your students record authentic learning in context. Download the free app in the iTunes Store and Google Play.
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Downloading Your Kaltura Videos

A brief video tutorial and text directions on how to download your videos from Kaltura.
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Kaltura Documentation

This collection of downloadable pdf files includes instructions for some common tasks in Kaltura.
Learn MoreAboutKaltura Documentation

Best Practices for Long Recordings

Short Segments and Test the Machine When you just have to record the whole class or a very long presentation, here are a few best practices. Record in 10 minutes or less “chunks/segments”: This is better for the learner because it makes more efficient use of working memory. Stop the recording at breaks: If recording a whole class session, this may be impractical. Alternatively, stop the recording at breaks in the class session and upload that segment to your My Media, rather than pausing the recording or recording the break. Make a test video: When using a computer for the first time, make a test video of a few minutes. This will assure you that the setup on that machine is working as it should and familiarize you with any unique issues that may be apparent, even if unlikely.
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Kaltura Video Tips

Follow these tips from the folks at Kaltura to create high quality instructional videos for your courses.
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