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Don't see Kaltura in you Bb course?

If you do not see Kaltura Media Mashup to add a new video to your Blackboard (Bb) course, here is a quick fix.

Kaltura Documentation

This collection of downloadable pdf files includes instructions for some common tasks in Kaltura.

Help Desk Ticket - Copy CaptureSpace Error Log

How to Submit a Help Desk Ticket If something goes wrong with your Kaltura videos, there is help available to you! The more information that you provide to the Help Desk, the...

Best Practices for Long Recordings

Short Segments and Test the Machine When you just have to record the whole class or a very long presentation, here are a few best practices. Record in 10 minutes or less...

Upload Error

Help! I've recorded a video but now it won't upload! What do I do?? First, take a deep breathe and know that it is likely that you will solve this problem. Here are a few things to try: ...

Creating Interactive Video Quizzes

Do you want to make your instructional videos more engaging for your learners? How do you know that yours students are really absorbing the content of these videos? You put a lot of time and...

Update Kaltura CaptureSpace

If you downloaded your Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder before August 2017, you will need to update your software. If you encounter errors when uploading your videos, it is likely because you...

Introduction to Kaltura Webinar

This 20-minute webinar recording will demonstrate these basic features of Kaltura:

An Overview of Kaltura
My Media on the Blackboard Homepage
Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop...

Interactive Introduction to Kaltura

Learn the basics of using Kaltura to record and embed a video in this interactive tutorial.

Kaltura Video Tips

Follow these tips from the folks at Kaltura to create high quality instructional videos for your courses.

Getting Started with Kaltura in Blackboard (2:45)

This short video will show you how to:
Add the My Media module to your Blackboard homepage
Record a video using Kaltura CaptureSpace
Add a video to a course in Blackboard using Mashups