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Teaching & Learning

This section of the site includes resources and instruction for improving your teaching practice and supports for distance learning in various modalities.

Course Design: A good course begins with planning. This section will teach you how to design a course for any instructional modality, whether face-to-face, hybrid, videoconference, or online.

ITV vs Videoconferencing: They both involve students at a TV screen, but they really are very different teaching and learning modalities. What's the same? What's different? How do you make the best use of each modality?

Teaching with Videoconferencing: This guide to teaching with videoconference is a complete reference for making the best use of the videoconference format when teaching a distance course.

Teaching with Interactive Television (ITV): This classic distance learning technology is still in widespread use throughout the University of Maine System. What is it and how do you teach in this format?

Community Engagement Toolkit: If you want to include service learning and civic engagement in your distance classes, this toolkit will show you how and provides a host of resources to support your work.