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Teaching & Learning

This section of the site includes resources and instruction for improving your teaching practice and supports for distance learning in various modalities.

Course Design: A good course begins with planning. This section will teach you how to design a course for any instructional modality, whether face-to-face, hybrid, videoconference, or online.

ITV vs Videoconferencing: They both involve students at a TV screen, but they really are very different teaching and learning modalities. What's the same? What's different? How do you make the best use of each modality?

Teaching with Videoconferencing: This guide to teaching with videoconference is a complete reference for making the best use of the videoconference format when teaching a distance course.

Teaching with Interactive Television (ITV): This classic distance learning technology is still in widespread use throughout the University of Maine System. What is it and how do you teach in this format?

Community Engagement Toolkit: If you want to include service learning and civic engagement in your distance classes, this toolkit will show you how and provides a host of resources to support your work.

Using Blackboard to Support your V/C Course

Blackboard comes with a host of tools that can improve your Videoconferencing course both synchronously and asynchronously. Please find this annotated list for some helpful tips for using and incorporating Blackboard with your Videoconferencing course.
Learn MoreAboutUsing Blackboard to Support your V/C Course