Telephone imageUMA Audio Conferencing

Dial in from any phone in the country: 1-866-245-5616

Audio Conference Calls enable students to collaborate with one another or with their instructor via a toll-free line. Students who are alone may participate in group work with other lone students, and students can form study or project-related groups for independent collaboration. An Audio Conference can also be used by faculty for toll-free office hours and tutoring. It may be used any time, during or outside of class time, including weekends, and is accessible from any touch tone telephone in the US. Reservations are not required. There is no limit on the number of participants.

To Reserve an Audio Conference

Contact UMA Academic Logistics before the start of the semester to setup a Leader account. We will assist with conference codes for the number of groups you require, and discuss recording options, if desirable. An Audio Conference requires a ten digit code for each group.

Working from your class list and the group codes provided, assign one code to each group of students. Post these group codes during class, or in your online course offerings, before you plan to use the bridge for the first time.

Notes Regarding Use

Every group under a Leader account is given a code for access to the bridge. After dialing the number for the bridge, participants are prompted to enter the code, followed by the ‘#’ sign. A sound chimes when anyone enters the phone group. Faculty can use each code assigned to join student groups, or allow students to collaborate by themselves.

Meetings over audio Conferencing can be recorded for review. Typically, the recordings are available for a two week period with no cost to the Department or faculty. If a longer period is needed, files can be downloaded at an extra cost. Please speak with UMA Academic Logistics to discuss the specifics of recording Audio Conference meetings.

Further Information and Support

UMA Academic Logistics is staffed and available to help you and your students with Audio Conference by calling 1-800-868-7000 or emailing