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Blackboard offers a variety of tools for assigning work to students including the Assignment tool, Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Tests, and Discussions. Rubrics can be assigned to any of these to assist with your grading. The Assignment tool also includes software to help detect plagiarism, and the Test tool will automatically grade objective question types.


Organize the Grade Center

Organize the Grade Center - April 23, 2018

Organize the Grade Center

How organized is your Grade Center? Do you have unused columns cluttering it up? Can you easily find what you're looking for? Did you know that you can customize the Grade Center?

The Grade Center comes with student data columns, and two total columns. As you add graded items to your course, they get added to the Grade Center and become the last column on the right. If you copy Grade Center columns and settings when you do a course copy, you might end up with duplicates of all of your columns!

Check out the steps below to customize your Grade Center so it's nice and tidy before the end of the semester.

Blackboard Grade Center diagram

Organize Columns

  1. Click the Manage drop down menu on the Action Bar.
  2. Select Column Organization.
  3. On the next screen, click and drag the four-headed arrow next to an item to re-order the columns.
  4. To hide columns, select the check box next to the item(s), click the Show/Hide button, and select Hide Selected Columns.
  5. To change categories, select the check box next to the item(s), click the Change Category to button and select the new category from the list.
  6. When you're done making changes, click Submit.

Delete Unused Columns

To delete unused columns, click the drop down next to the title of the column and select Delete Column.

Tip: If you click the drop-down menu next to an item in the Full Grade Center and there is no delete button, that means that the assigned work is deployed somewhere in your class. You will need to delete the item in your content folders or discussion board to be able to delete the column.
Are you ready to Calculate your Grades? Follow these steps on the Faculty Portal.

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