Polycom: Connecting


Polycom units each have a unique IP Address used to make and receive calls. You can find the IP Address at the bottom of the ‘Home’ menu of the polycom by clicking on the remote’s ‘Home’ button.

Placing a Call

Connecting to Polycom Remote

To place a call, first simply ensure you are on the home screen. To do this quickly, you can hit the “end call” button on the remote. Now you can start typing in the IP address of the unit you would like to connect to. Remember to put the ‘dots’ between the numbers! Lastly, press the ‘Place call’ button on the screen or the remote.

Receiving a Call

Your polycom unit may be set up to automatically answer incoming calls. If so, then you simply need the unit on with an internet connection to answer calls.

If not then just hit the ‘Answer call’ button on the remote.

Multipoint Calls (more than two endpoints)

A multipoint conference is scheduled through Technical Support using the Web site. To get assistance prior or during a conference, call 1-800-696-4357 (HELP).

Most rooms are automatically connected at the start of the conference. However, for security reasons, some rooms such as the University Presidents’ Executive Conference Rooms are not set to auto answer. Participants in these rooms must call into the bridge with these steps:

  • Access the address book by pressing the directory button.
  • Scroll to the multipoint/bridge choice with the arrow buttons and press the center select button.
  • Place the call by pressing the ‘call’ button.


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