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Distance Teaching with Service Learning and Civic Engagement BETA

A Toolkit from University of Maine at Augusta, and University of Southern Maine

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Roles in the Civic Engagement Project

Role and Responsibilities of the Faculty Member

  • Set learning objectives for the service‐learning project closely related to the course content

  • Design syllabus with links between the potential service‐learning project and course content

  • Structure time for ongoing reflection on the service‐learning project throughout the semester

  • Discuss service‐learning project with students to identify purpose, requirements, and expectations

  • Serve as a contact for the project partners and check in periodically for feedback

  • Evaluate student learning in service‐learning component; focusing on achievement of learning outcomes, not only time dedicated to project

  • Require students to reflect on the experience regularly, as well as to provide regular and consistent updates with project deliverables so you can track progress

  • Hold students accountable for completing all parts of the project; because community partners relationships are impacted by student contributions, consider this when you set the incentives for work completion in your course design

Role and Responsibilities of Community Partner

  • Meet with student to educate about agency and determine projects

  • Understand course learning goals and develop projects combining these goals with the community needs

  • Identify projects, in collaboration with service‐learning student, that are significant and appropriate for rigor level

  • Provide or identify training or resources needed to conduct project

  • Ensure safe work environment in-person or safe-access to content if online

  • Inform students of organization’s purpose, policies, procedures, issues, and population served

  • Maintain open communication with student and faculty member about project progress

  • Identify main project liaison at organization--a specific person who can represent the Community Partner during set-up, review, and revision sessions

Role and Responsibilities of Learners

  • Contact the Community Partner

  • Discuss with the organization the course goals, potential service‐learning projects, and expectations

  • Serve as prime contact with Community Partner; in some cases--depending on the instructor’s course design--learners may be responsible for identifying and contracting with partners directly

  • Fulfill all duties and responsibilities of project as assigned by faculty member

  • Respect rules, regulations and confidentiality standards of partner

  • Maintain open communication with faculty and Community Partner

  • Track hours or document project participation as required and check-in with instructor regularly; don’t hesitate to ask a question of the instructor

  • Participate in reflection activities and assignments

  • Complete evaluation and reflection at conclusion of project

  • Be flexible with changes to project, instructor guidance, and guidance from Community Partners

  • Demonstrate respect and positivity while at placement site

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