Polycom: Video Sources

Different rooms may have different video sources available to choose from. Due to this, it’s likely that the the instructions here may not accurately reflect the setup in your specific case. If this is so, please contact your local resources for help when necessary.

Choosing What to Send

Commonly, a conferencing room will be equipped with a Document Camera as well as a VGA cable to share your computer screen. Some rooms may have a desktop computer permanently connected to the polycom unit as well.

Sharing your Laptop Screen

Connect your laptop

If your laptop is not equipped with a VGA slot, be sure to bring the correct adapter. Connect the VGA cable to your computer, then click on the ‘Content’ button and select ‘Computer’.

Using the Document Camera

Press the ‘Content’ button and select the document camera from the list. The icon may look different in different rooms.


Teaching with Videoconferencing 

 Polycom: Camera