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Why don't I see my class roster in Blackboard?


At the beginning of each semester an instructor needs to set  your course as "Available" in order to enroll your students into Blackboard.  Students will be enrolled in the course the day AFTER you make the site available to them. For online courses, it is recommended that you do this a week before classes begin.

To make your course available, go to your Blackboard course at


  1. Click Customization in the Control Panel (bottom left menu)
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Scroll down to Set Availability, click Yes
  4. Go to the bottom right to Submit the change.

What teaching modalities should I consider?

Online programs do not require you to come to a campus. Most student services and all courses can be accessed through the computer. Check program descriptions for specific requirements.

Interactive Television (ITV) courses  courses are broadcast live from UMS campuses to UC centers and sites across Maine. Students view courses on large monitors and interact using a toll-free classroom telephone. Many ITV courses also include a recorded online option.

Videoconference (VC) courses offer real-time two-way video interactions. The instructor may teach from a videoconference classroom at any location including our centers throughout Maine.

What is delayed viewing?

Most ITV courses allow something called “delayed viewing.” This means that the instructor will allow students to view the recorded class lecture online at a later time instead of requiring students to attend the live broadcast.

To view the recorded class lecture, you can log in to your Blackboard site, click on the course link, then click on Class Capture and view the broadcast anytime from anywhere. Of course, you are always welcome to attend when the live broadcast happens.

What is UC’s connection to the University of Maine System?

University College is the part of the University of Maine System that supports local and online access to courses, degrees, and certificates offered by the seven UMS campuses.  UC supports students by helping them connect with a deeply engaging learning community.