Adding Course Content in Blackboard

Copying Courses in Blackboard

Copying course materials into an existing course will add content to a course, but it won't remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a course if you have the role of instructor, teaching assistant (TA), or course builder.
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Getting Started with Kaltura in Blackboard (2:45)

This short video will show you how to: Add the My Media module to your Blackboard homepage Record a video using Kaltura CaptureSpace Add a video to a course in Blackboard using Mashups
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UMS Academy - May 14, 2018

UMS Academy - May 14, 2018 UMS Academy Did you know that you have a huge library of instructional videos at your fingertips? The University of Maine System subscribes to Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) for required human resources training, but this also gives everyone in the system access to the full Hoonuit library, with topics ranging from software tutorials, to grammar 101, to time management, to socratic seminars. Lessons and courses can easily be dropped into your Blackboard course. Visit the Introducing UMS Academy course to learn more! You will need to be logged into Blackboard to view this content. Summer is here! We will reduce the frequency of QuickTips to every other week until classes resume in the fall. Enjoy the beach!
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Adding other Content (20:33)

Learn how to add other types of files and media.
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Make Your Course Available

When courses are created, they are unavailable to students until the instructor decides to make the course available. Once you decide that the course is ready and you make it available, MaineStreet will populate your course with a student roster in 24 hours. Here's how to make your course available:
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Inserting an iFrame into Blackboard

iFrames will allow you to embed content from another website directly alongside your own materials. Learn the basics of how to insert an iframe in Blackboard and get access to the list of supported domains.
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Keep Your Old Course

Courses are kept on the Blackboard server typically for 2 years and are then put in a deletion cycle. If you would like to keep your old courses, there are some steps you need to take.
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