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Distance Teaching with Service Learning and Civic Engagement BETA

A Toolkit from University of Maine at Augusta, and University of Southern Maine

Print Version of the Toolkit: uma.edu/faculty-cedoc

Civic Engagement Supports

In this toolkit, you will find a list of discussion prompts and reflection questions that you can share directly with your students. You will also find four different templates for reflection journals to choose from. You may wish to assign one type of journal to occur weekly or monthly, or you may wish students to complete a number of different types of journals to facilitate reflective learning. The templates in this toolkit include:

  • Key Phrase Journal: Students are asked to integrate an identified list of terms and key phrases into their journal entries as they describe and discuss their service learning projects and experiences working with Community Partners. Students may be asked to underline/highlight the key phrase to identify their use.

  • Double‐entry Journal: On one journal page, students describe their service learning projects and experiences working with Community Partners, personal thoughts, and reactions. On another page, they discuss how the first set of entries relates to key concepts, class material and readings.

  • Critical Incident Journal: Students focus on a specific event that occurred during their service learning projects and experiences working with Community Partners. Students are then asked to respond to prompts designed to explore their own thoughts, reactions, future actions, and information from the course that is relevant to their project. For example:

    • Describe an event or situation that created a dilemma for you because you did not know how to act or what to say.

    • Why was it such a confusing event?

    • How did you, or others around the  event, feel about it?

    • What did you do, or what was the first thing you considered doing?

    • List three actions that you might have taken, and evaluate each one.

    • How does the course material relate to this issue, help you analyze the choices, and suggest a course of action that might be advisable?

  • Three Part Journal: Students respond to three separate issues in each of their journal entries: (a) describe what happened in the service learning project or experiences working with Community Partners, including what you accomplished, some of the events that puzzled or confused you, interactions you had, decisions you made, and plans you developed; (b) analyze how the course or theme content relates to the project, including key concepts that can be used to understand events and guide future behavior; (c) apply the course or theme materials to you and your personal life, including your goals, values, attitudes, beliefs, and philosophy.

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