Faculty Institute Banner with text: Treasures in Our Backyard, Innovative teaching and learning with what we have, May 16th 2019. Onsite at UMA.
Stay tuned as the agenda for the University Collaborative Faculty Institute takes shape over the next few weeks. Here are just a few of the sessions you can expect to see at this year's event. A full agenda with detailed descriptions of each session coming soon!

A collaborative approach to building high impact online courses

Karen Pelletreau, Manager of Workshops, Programs and Training (UM); Peter Schilling, Executive Director of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (UM); Sheridan Adams, Associate Director for Instructional Design (UM)
A collaborative approach to building high impact online courses.

Accessibility at your doorstep – Making your class accessible with UMS Tools

Kevin Good, Faculty (UMF); Emily Brinck (UMF)
Discover a variety of free-to-use tools such as the Google Apps for Education Suite and Blackboard to enhance the accessibility of your materials.

Adding a Service Learning Project to an Online Course

Ivan Most, Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering (USM); Sarah Chang, AmeriCorps VISTA / STEM Partnerships Coordinator Service-Learning & Volunteering (USM)
One-line description that would probably be about this many characters long, wonder how it looks on the screeeeeeeen!!!!

American Sign Language: Teaching a Visual Gestural Language

Polly Earl, Adjunct Faculty (UMA)
Learn the need for more ASL in our classrooms, and learn a few basic signs while you're here!

Better than Compliance: Leveraging Online Communities

Ken Elliott, Professor of Psychology (UMA); Jeffrey Sychterz (UMA)
Reinvigorate your General Education courses by exploring perceptions and data that can help design a strong connection between gen. ed. courses.

Collaboratory Open House: Explore UMA’s Mini-Makerspace!

Nate LaClaire, Collaboratory Manager (UMA); Stacey Brownlie, Interim Library Director (UMA); Robert Burbank, eLearning Specialist (UMA)
Treasure hunt with our Virtual Reality, solve puzzles in the thinkspace, or print or etch something fun in UMA's brand new makerspace, the Collaboratory.

Community Engaged Courses: Challenges & Opportunities

Linda Silka (UMaine); Ed Laine (UMM); Lois-Ann Kuntz (UMM)
Explore methods to integrate engaging service learning and community-centered projects into your courses

Critical Incident Video Project: A daunting yet exciting adventure

Carla Randall, Associate Professor, School of Nursing (USM); Cindy Randall, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing (USM)
Explore a unique approach to onboarding new faculty to the rigor of a nursing program using critical incident video

Finding & Repairing Accessibility Problems in Microsoft Office & PDF Documents

Michael E. Cyr, IT Accessibility Coordinator (UMS)
Bring your own device and learn to use its built-in tools to identify and correct common accessibility problems in documents and PDFs.

Fine-tuning Focus with Kaltura Analytics

Heather Nunez-Olmstead, Instructional Design Specialist (UMPI)
Use Kaltura data and analytics to amplify your student engagement with videos in your course!

Graduate Student in Instructional Tech & Design and VAWLTer

Emma-Marie Banks, Graduate Student in Instructional Tech & Design and VAWLTer (UMA); Araminta Matthews, Senior Instructional Designer and Director of the VAWLT (UMA)
Dig into social presence design concepts that will help improve engagement and interaction between students in your online courses

International Undergraduate Collaborations at the Course Level: Leveraging Online Communities

Ken Elliott, Professor of Psychology (UMA); Magda Nisponska, Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy at Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic; Magdalena Linhardt, Professor of Psychology (UMA); Andrea Rozkovcova, Professor of Education at Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
Discover how two international universities have connected students in collaboration for deep learning using freely avaialble tools and technologies

Lessons Learned From Designing and Delivering a Hybrid (Face-to-Face, Synchronous, and Asynchronous Online) Multi-Campus Undergraduate Course

Theresa Overall,Associate Professor of Education (UMF); Tim Surrette, Assistant Professor of Education (UMA)
Explore how two campuses worked together to create dynamic, collaborative, hybrid courses using tools within UMS

Leveraging the technology we have to advance inclusive excellence in the classroom

Michael Stevenson (USM); Damien Michaud, Learning Designer (USM); Rikki Miller, Instructor (USM)
Discover ways we can use the technologies available in the University of Maine System to promote diversity and inclusion in our courses.

Making mathematics meaningful for the rest of us

Kevin Roberge, Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (UMaine)
Rewrite math classes to target learner perceptions with this quantitative literacy course design.

Making Podcasts and Videos into Accessible Educational Materials

John Brandt, Training Coordinator, Maine CITE (UMA)
Using video and audio in your course? Take this breakout session to ensure your materials are accessible to all your learners.

Making Students Resilient Again: And again, and again, and again

Elyse Pratt-Ronco, Assistant Director, UMF Upward Bound (UMF)
Discover the neuroscientific impact of stress on the brain and what we can do to support our students' resilience.

MEP 100: Introduction to Engineering – Course Design & Lessons Learned from a System-Wide, Synchronous, Videoconference Course

Lester French, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (UMA); Justin Hafford, Director - Advanced Media & Instructional Technologies (UMA)
Come play with an engineering class to produce a mini-project while learning about a dynamic, collaborative Engineering course.

Poll Everywhere for Everyone (Yes, Even You!)

Nicole Achey, Rehbilitation Services Faculty (UMF); Emily Brinck, Assistant Professor (UMF)
Activate your lectures into an interactive experience with a few free, browser-applications to poll your students in real time

Purposeful Course Design: Use and Application of Student Feedback

Sara Flanagan, Assistant Professor of Special Education (UMaine); Paul Cochrane, Director of Online Teaching and Learning (USM)
Come discover the process and supports available when you request classroom support!

Remote Assistance in the Classroom

Tanner Kelleter (UMA); Angela Cook, Director of US:IT Classroom Technology (UMS); Lauren Dubois, Executive Director of Classroom Technology and UMA Campus Information Technology Officer (UMA)
Come discover the process and supports available when you request classroom support!

Student Feedback Karma

Ashley Montgomery, Assistant Dean of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (UMF)
There is promising pedagogical value in peer-review for student writing, but students often do not see it that way. Using the tool Peergrade, students learn to give good feedback and receive good feedback in return.

Supporting students with diverse learning styles: The thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling library

Senta Sellers, Reference & Instruction Librarian (UMA)
Explore the library of the senses through a variety of media and tools that enhance any learners' experience.

The Active Learning Environment

Angela Cook, Director of US:IT Classroom Technology (UMS)
Assume the role of "learner" to experience first-hand the learner-centered pedagogy of an interactive classroom design.

Two Birds: How Reflective Writing Serves Multiple Outcomes in Any Course

Sharon Ross, Lecturer of English (UMA)
Learn strategies for writing across the curriculum and develop metacognitive and reflective activities good for any course you might be teaching.

Using MetaNeuron Free Software for Understanding How the Human Brain Works

Leonard Kass, Associate Professor (UMaine)
Discover a tool called Metaneuron, explore simulation software for teaching, and learn about cellular biology in this session.

Who Knew It? Hoonuit is in Your Treasure Box of Free UMS Tools (and it's Directly Connected to BlackBoard)

Megan Clough, Director of Learning & Organizational Development (UMS); BJ Kitchin, Director of Instructional Services (UMA)
Discover a repository of useful learning videos and lessons available from UMS Academy's Hoonuit, a resource you can use on its own or plug into your Blackboard courses directly.

Wireless Presentation/BYOD

Angela Cook, Director of US:IT Classroom Technology (UMS); Lauren Dubois, Executive Director of Classroom Technology and UMA Campus Information Technology Officer (UMA); Justin Hafford, Director - Advanced Media & Instructional Technologies (UMA)
Explore wireless presentation technology, and discover the pros and cons of being "untethered" from the podium when you teach.