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Back MLA Cover/Title Page

Standard MLA format does NOT require a cover page as APA does. However, there are some professors or assignments that will require one. If you do need a cover/title page for your MLA paper, it should include the following:

1. About a third of the way down the page you should have the Title of your paper (your title, not the title of the work you are using- unless you have that title in your own).

2. 2-3 lines after your title you should have your Name. There is debate about whether to include “by” in a line before your name, but the decision is up to your professor whether they want this or not.

3. 2-3 lines after that (before the bottom of the page) you should have your Class and/or Section Numbers, on the next line should be your Professor’s Name, and on the final line should be the Date. The date also varies as some professor’s want it written in Day/Month/Year form (standard MLA) while others want it in Month/Day/Year form. The final decision, again, belongs to the professor, but the date should always be written out, not just the numbers for Month and it should contain all four digits for the Year.


Again, this is not standard in MLA and should only be used if the professor insists you have a cover/title page for your paper.


Resources I used (and that have more information/examples):

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