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Virtual Academic Writing & Library Tutors can help you with any of your writing assignments and goals.

Michelle Lisi, VAWLTer
Michelle Lisi is the Coordinator of the VAWLT. A poet and short story writer, Michelle earned her MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia University before moving to Maine to work in writing centers and teach English and Humanities courses. She loves coffee, her 8-year-old, and her cats; hates team sports, homemade slime, and the word “moist.”

Michelle Roderick, VAWLTer
Hello everyone! I am a student at UMA, I have four children and one on the way. We love to snowmobile, hike, fish, and go four wheeling. I love to write, both academically and for fun, and to help others learn the writing process. I am always thinking up little rhymes or songs to help me remember certain grammar rules, and I have even shared them with my children’s ELA teachers. I look forward to working with you and helping with any of your writing needs. :)

Ellen Rollfs, VAWLTer
Hello! My name is Ellen, and I am a student at the University of Southern Maine as well as a writing tutor in the USM Learning Commons. I have tutored for VAWLT for three years and at USM for two. I am majoring in Linguistics with a concentration in Deaf studies and have been working towards fluency in American Sign Language. My favorite things include making faces at babies when their parents aren’t looking, horrible chick flicks, and dogs that look like their owners. Originally from the suburbs of Massachusetts, I hope to work with people learning English as a second language and to spend as many days as possible at the beach after graduation. Happy writing!

Nick Dustin, VAWLTer
Hello everyone, my name is Nicholas! I am striving to achieve a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and Information Security Systems. I plan on graduating sometime around the year 2020. Information literacy is where I thrive and it is this expertise I plan to bring to you as a VAWLT tutor. Even though I work with technology, I strongly enjoy physical activities and adventures, especially mountain biking and hiking. When I am not recreating or VAWLTing, I enjoy working on personal research related to philosophy and science. I am very excited to be here ready to help you as both a tutor and a peer!

Stacey Brownlie, VAWLTer
Hello all, my name is Stacey and I’m the Director for Off-Campus Library Services. I hold a B.A. in English with a minor in Journalism. I also took classes in advertising, graphic design, speech and communications during my undergraduate days… in other words, I had a difficult time settling in a major! I also have my M.S. in Library Science and I’ve worked in the libraries for 12 years. I love helping students see research as a journey and scholarship as a conversation. The most important elements of my life include my partner, my son and daughter and my parrot, Kiki. I used to be a competitive figure skater and I now live on coffee and kindness.

Amanda Brown, VAWLTer
Hello, my name is Amanda. I am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies at UROCK, the local University College center! I am excited to be joining the VAWLT team. I hope to help other students become more confident with their writing skills. I believe tutors can give the added support students need for a successful college experience.

Nathaniel Berger, VAWLTer
Nate is a new VAWLTer based at the University College Center in Ellsworth. An alleged adult, Nate studied writing as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, a graduate student at Dartmouth College, and a wayward traveler at a summer writing programme at Oxford University in England. He has taught in a variety of settings, including the University College of Ellsworth where he is currently an Adjunct Professor and writing tutor. In his spare time, Nate likes to write, make films, hike, and cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has consistently ranked in the top-ten of VAWLT tutors most likely to succeed since joining the team in September 2017. He is glad to help you with any of your writing needs. Please laugh at his jokes.

Keariel Peasley, VAWLTer
Greetings! My name is Keariel, and I’m a sophomore attending UMA from the University College Center in Rockland. I’m currently a Liberal Studies major but am leaning towards obtaining a degree in a language-related field! Writing and editing are passions of mine, and I love to share that enthusiasm with others and to offer any help that I can. I’m quite fond of cats, antiques, art, and the German language, as well as long walks in nature. I look forward to helping you with your writing!

Heather Nunez-Olmstead, VAWLTer
Hi! My name is Heather, and I'm an Instructional Designer with University College. I work with faculty across the system, and I spend much of my time with the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the University of Maine at Fort Kent. I'm also a certified teacher, and I work with the UC-VAWLT program as a designer and back-up support when the Coordinator needs help or is out of the office.

Hello! My name is Araminta or "Mina." I'm the Senior Instructional Designer and the UC-VAWLT Director. I am also adjunct writing faculty at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and occasionally other campuses within UMS. I spend a lot of time on the "back-end" of VAWLT, designing the user-experience, preparing and writing training materials, identifying and implementing software solutions, and managing our many special projects to help ensure virtual writing and library support is seamless. I also supervise the VAWLT program's instructional design and coordination, and offer tutoring support as needed.