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How does the chat work?

There is a chat window on the main page of the VAWLT website to the right of the “VAWLTer Status Update.” You can type in that window and immediately start chatting with whomever is currently online. If you know who is available for chat, you can also click on the VAWLTer’s individual page and start chatting there. The individual chat is great because the chat window will remain open as you browse through the different pages on the VAWLT site.

How do I meet with a specific VAWLTer?

There are numerous ways that a VAWLTer can meet up with you. The chat on the VAWLT website is great for basic questions and conversations, and submitting a paper through e-mail or the website form allows for the VAWLTer to receive your paper. We are also face-to-face at UMA Center locations in Rockland, S. Paris, Lewiston, Brunswick, Ellsworth, and Saco.

Since we utilize Google Apps (more specifically Google Docs), there are numerous ways that we can meet-up in real time online. Zoom (a video-conferencing app) allows for a VAWLTer to simultaneously video chat with you and view your paper. Google Docs allows for two people who are viewing the same document to text chat and view each other’s comments on the document. These tools allow for us to have personal and even more in-depth conversations about your work.

If I submit a draft and need feedback by a specific time, will my paper be done by the time that I need to turn it in?

We commit to responding to your request within 48 hours of its submission. However, during regular business hours, our turnaround time is often faster than that. So if there is a specific deadline that you need us to adhere to when we give feedback, be sure to specify that in your request, and we will do our best to get back to you by that time.

What are the Live chat hours for the website?

Every day, we offer at least 4 hours of live service. When you access, scroll down to the chat box on the right to see if live help is available. You can also check each individual VAWLTer’s schedule by clicking on the schedules link on the VAWLT site.

What are VAWLTer Posts?

When VAWLTers aren’t working directly with students, they are building writing tutorials and posts that explore and explain different aspects of the writing process, from grammar usage to brainstorming. On the left side of every page on the VAWLT website, there is a search bar that allows you to type in keywords to find the post that will most help you. Some examples of keywords are “commas,” “sentence fragments,” and “APA.”

What can the VAWLT do for me?

At the VAWLT, we provide tutors available online and face to face to assist you with grammatical issues, thesis formation, citation and format, and just about any writing issue or questions you may have. We can even help with brainstorming ideas.

What if I can’t find the VAWLTer Post that I need?

Along the top orange bar on the VALWT site is a button that says “Writing Tutorial Request.” Go to the page to fill out the form and a VAWLTer will be assigned your tutorial to make into a helpful post that fulfills your needs and that will be added to our tutorial database.

Will you read (and correct) my research paper/essay/cover letter/assignment for me?

No. What we will do is offer suggestions and explain various grammar and mechanical errors that may exist in the paper. In addition to in-line commentary on your writing, we also include links to writing tutorials that we’ve developed or that we’ve found elsewhere online.