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Become a VAWLTer

Interested? Please complete our VAWLTer application, and join our Google+ community!

Who can apply?

Community volunteers and University of Maine System students with strong writing skills and faculty recommendations are encouraged to apply.

What do VAWLTers do?

  • Receive intensive training in the practice and technology of online writing support!
  • Provide tutoring services to distance learners at any stage in their process with writing projects!
  • Monitor our email, live chat, and video!
  • Contribute to our online community via social media!
  • Support students and faculty as a course writing steward via Blackboard!
  • Create writing tutorials and other resources available to anyone in the University of Maine System!

How do VAWLTers work?

Telecommuting from anywhere with a stable high-speed internet connection, VAWLT tutors log five to ten hours a week in scheduled live shifts for up to fourteen weeks a semester.