UMaine Winter Session Tutoring started 12/27/2017. Thank you!  

What is VAWLT?

Getting started with writing and research can be a daunting step. VAWLT can help you get organized and learn new strategies to keep your writing projects on track and on time.

UMaine Winter Session Hours

Tutoring Appointment Live Availability for Winter 2017 term 

General availability (excluding holidays), or contact for special requests:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11-3 10-2 2-6 10-2 2-6

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How VAWLT works

We can give you writing feedback by video-conference, phone, or emailVideo Phone Email Chat us for assistance!

We provide asynchronous and live feedback on your work. You can:

  • set up a phone or video conference for a face-to-face experience with a tutor who can view and comment on your work while you are talking

  • share a draft and any related materials for an assignment for paragraph-by-paragraph commentary on your work

  • provide tutorials and resources to help you build your academic writing and research skillset

Chat hours are widely available.

What kind of feedback do we give?

We ask questions and comment on content, format, and grammatical choices in your text, pinpointing those places in your writing where we can help you to:

  • find your thesis, transition between your thoughts, and clarify the topic of each of your paragraphs

  • quote, introduce, and cite your sources in APA & MLA format

  • create grammatical constructions and well-punctuated sentences

What kind of feedback don’t we give?

Our process is interactive and inductive: we ask lots of questions, and we prompt you to pursue your own ideas. We don’t provide a suggested topic, if you’re not sure what to write about. We won’t change language or correct punctuation and mechanics for you, but we WILL provide resources to help you build your skills in punctuation and grammar usage! We want you to take ownership of your writing process: we won’t forget about your voice.

Comic strip excerpt Multiple Modalities for All Types of Learners

Submit a draft for the Winter team to comment on with 24-business hours, or schedule a time during our "Live" hours for support via Google Hangout!


Meet the tutors who you will be working with this semester!

Contact VAWLT via email at:

Michelle Lisi, VAWLTer
Michelle Lisi is the Coordinator of the VAWLT. A poet and short story writer, Michelle earned her MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia University before moving to Maine to work in writing centers and teach English and Humanities courses. She loves coffee, her 8 year old, and her cats; hates team sports, Play-doh, and the word “moist.”

Michelle Roderick, VAWLTer
Michelle is a student at UMA, she has four children and one on the way, who love to snowmobile, hike, fish, and go four wheeling. She loves to write both academically and for fun. She is always thinking up little rhymes or songs to help her remember certain grammar rules, and has even shared them with her children’s ELA teachers. She looks forward to working with you and helping with any of your writing needs. :)

Ellen Rollfs, VAWLTer
Ellen, is a student at the University of Southern Maine, but originally from the suburbs of Massachusetts. She is majoring in Linguistics with a concentration in Deaf studies and has been working towards fluency in American Sign Language. Her favorite things include making faces at babies when their parents aren’t looking, horrible chick flicks, and dogs that look like their owners. She hopes to work with people learning English as a second language and spend as many days as possible at the beach after graduation.

Heather Nunez-Olmstead, VAWLTer
Heather is an an Instructional Designer with University College, adjunct faculty and also supports VAWLT. She works with faculty across the system and is also a certified teacher in the state of Maine. She loves creating learning resources and watching videos of cats sitting in tiny spaces!