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The Anti-Hero

You’ve heard of the protagonist (generally the hero-like main character) and the antagonist (generally the bad guy or the character/thing against the main character), but what about the anti-hero? The anti-hero is the average-Joe main character in a novel that isn’t the great amazing hero that a protagonist is expected to be. Although there could be aspects that lead them to be in the hero spotlight, they are plagued with doubts, fears, and insecurities from within. The anti-hero is just that, a character that is supposed to be in the hero spot, but falls flat of the invincible qualities that heroes are usually prescribed.

For more on this topic, this interesting video goes into detail: An Anti-hero of One’s Own- Tim Adams

The anti-hero is very similar to the tragic hero, though they are still the hero or protagonist of the story.

For more on other types of heroes: A Host of Heroes- April Gudenrath

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