Welcome to the VAWLT

We are a virtual learning center for students, staff, and faculty across the University of Maine System. VAWLT stands for Virtual, Accessibility, Writing, Library and Technology tutors and offers a diverse suite of tutoring services for education at a distance.

  • We provide synchronous and asynchronous help for writing, research, and the technology you need to succeed in your courses.
  • We collaborate with instructional designers to ensure our work is web-accessible and meets the needs of all distance learners, whether you learn by interactive television, compressed video, web-conferencing, or online.
  • VAWLT offers help by chat, video-conference, email, and phone.

We are also available on site at UMA Centers. Book an appointment, ask a question, submit a paper, or send us a request for help with writing or research. We can’t wait to work with you.

Live  VAWLT  Chat ends Thursday, December 13 at  7pm.  We resume service Monday, January 28.

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