Library Events - Academic Year 2018/2019

UMA Libraries host or sponsor many special events throughout the academic year. Here are the upcoming events for Fall and Spring Semesters, 2018-2019:

RaPs - Research and Pedagogy Series: Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:00
Augusta - Katz Library, room 210
Bangor - Lewiston Hall, room 118
*all live events are simulcast at both locations*

Wednesday, 9/19, Bangor: Sandra Haggard, "Ecosystems and Feminist Theory: Gender and Climate Change" - Climate change and gender are related in two important ways: 1)women are impacted by climate change because of their inequality, and 2) women have the potential to offer powerful solutions to climate change.

Wednesday, 10/17, Augusta: Peter Precourt, "Tag Team Teaching"

Wednesday, 11/14, Bangor: Jeffrey Sychterz, "The Poetry of World War I"

Wednesday, 2/20, Augusta: Robert Kellerman, "A Fulbrighter in Latvia"

Wednesday, 3/13, Augusta: Susan Bickford, "Facebook as an Online Teaching Tool"

Wednesday, 4/17, Augusta: Robert Bernheim, "Monuments, Memorials, and Memory"


Past Events AY 2018-2019:

Film Screening: "Spotlight" - Thursday, 20 September 2018
Jewett Hall Auditorium, 11:30AM
For more information: