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Kaltura Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Kaltura Mobile

Videos on the go!

Screenshot of KMS Go

Did you know that you can watch your Kaltura videos and record them on the go? Kaltura has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices called Kaltura MediaSpace Go. You can watch videos in My Media on your mobile device, but best of all, you can record videos from anywhere, not just your laptop or classroom!

Do you want your students to see how tools are sterilized in the clinic? See what an after hours at the Chamber of Commerce looks like? Know what it looks like to visit their representatives at the Statehouse? You can record video from anywhere on your mobile device and uploaded automatically to My Media. Then you can easily add it anywhere inside your Blackboard course. 

This means your students can do this, too! You can assign them to read Leaves of Grass out in nature and reflect on the experience. They can interview a professional in the field. Ask them to record a role-playing counseling session. KMS Go lets your students record authentic learning in context.

Download the free app in the iTunes Store and Google Play.