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UMS Selected Brightspace. Shinny and new!

New LMS Selected

Bye Blackboard, Hello Shiny New Brightspace!


UMA Faculty Development Center

The Faculty Development Center is your one-stop shop for faculty and staff seeking assistance virtually or in person with distance teaching, student engagement at a distance, implementation or use of educational technology. 

We are here for you to answer questions on technology in teaching, troubleshoot Blackboard or Kaltura, explore tech tools to suit your needs, and help you align the design of your online learning assets to your teaching goals.

Faculty Services we offer:

UMA Quick Links

A valuable list of links and sites for all faculty. A valuable list of links and sites for all faculty.

Blackboard and Kaltura Support

Blackboard, Zoom and Kaltura Support Blackboard, Zoom and Kaltura help you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls by breathing life...

Lunch & Learn sessions and Workshops

Lunch & Learn sessions and Workshops Faculty Development Center facilitates a series of Lunch & Learn sessions and workshops throughout the year.  This is a...

Course Design Analysis

Course Design Analysis Per faculty individual request, we will examine your course materials in Blackboard or others that you provide, and complete an analysis based on...

Tech Exploration

Tech Exploration Are you up on all the latest technology tools available today? Of course not! With technology changing so fast and more tools becoming available all the time,...

Instructional Design

Instructional Design Are you planning a new course or teaching a course for the first time? Let us help you plan your course effectively and efficiently using the Backwards...