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The UMS Faculty Focus blog publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for technology-enhanced, classroom, online, blended, or flipped learning experiences.  Faculty e-Learning Grant recipients and other UMS faculty are welcome to contribute. Please contact the UC Faculty Development Center if you are interested in writing an article for UMS Faculty Focus at


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Technologically Enhanced Student Engagement

While much of my focus regarding polling device technology has surrounded summative and formative assessment I do want to take the opportunity to highlight that these types of technologies, both paid services and free, can create the optimal student engagement experience.  Pear Deck is just one of many technologies that can help enhance your classroom or online instruction and can aid in...
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Compare and Contrast: Pear Deck vs. The Competition

How does Pear Deck stack up against the competition and what might be the best polling tool for your educational needs? While I do enjoy the functionality of using Pear Deck for quick summative feedback and formative data regarding student learning I have also had the opportunity to use other polling programs and devices such as iClickers and Kahoot.  Below is a brief summary of six...
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It’s a Google App!

It should be noted that it took me quite some time to catch onto the fact that Pear Deck is a Google App.  I stumbled upon this when I started running into some technical issues when creating a deck.  Being an avid Blackboard user I try to be diligent at always using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser.  Why these two programs jive so well - I will never know.  Everything...
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The Logistics to Getting Started

                Now that you have a basic understanding of what Pear Deck is I’d like to talk about how it works and the different ways in which it could be utilized within the classroom setting.  The nice thing about this teaching tool is that it allows you to have a real time snapshot of your student’s current...
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