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What’s New?

Like any good digital resource, tools evolve overtime.  Recently, Pear Deck has made some exciting changes to their platform based on user feedback.  So, what’s new?   

  • Now you can build Pear Deck interactive lessons straight from the Google Slides application!

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  • A wonderful new addition to Pear Deck’s capabilities is Pear Deck Vocabulary which allows you and your students to customize interactive flashcards through Flashcard Factory for an individual or group active learning experience.  This tool is also integrated with Google, Merriam-Webster, and Quizlet!

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  • The addition of digital citizenship curriculum through partnership with Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” focuses on educating students about internet safety.  While this is K-8 focused, as many Pear Deck partner schools are K-12 based, there is available information from a case study which focuses on a school that adapted the curriculum helping students learn further about:

- Internet Safety

- Privacy and Security

- Relationships and Security 

- Cyberbullying and Digital Drama 

- Digital Footprints and Reputation 

- Self-Image and Identity 

- Information Literacy 

- Creative Credit and Copyright


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