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Using the ZOOM Videoconferencing Tool to Facilitate Synchronous Online Class Meetings.

Hello Everyone,

During the spring, 2018 semester I taught a course at the University of Maine at Augusta titled EDU 395 Field Experience Seminar.  This course was designed to engage students in the study of K-12 education programs through visits, consultation, and appraisal of practices in selected schools, instructional centers, or community agencies.  The purpose of the course was to acquaint them with the many facets of the school community and to provide them an opportunity to work cooperatively with practicing teachers in schools.   Students in this course were required to log 100 hours of face-to-face contact time at their selected school site.  Additionally, students in this course were required to attend and fully participate in seven two-hour bi-weekly course seminars that were held as virtual (online) synchronous meetings via the ZOOM videoconferencing tool.   

This was my first time using ZOOM as a means of hosting class meetings and I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was with its ease of use, ability to facilitate meaningful discussion among students in both large and small groups, and various other pedagogical applications.  Also, ZOOM allows instructors to make recordings of class meetings that include closed captions. 

I definitely have a lot to learn about ZOOM and look forward to doing so.   I’d love to hear from others about how you’re using ZOOM in your online synchronous classes.  Below is a link to several video tutorials that highlight different functionalities of ZOOM.

Take care and happy summer,


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