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Presentations from ISTE 2018 International Conference

Hello All, 

Below are presenter names, session descriptions, and corresponding materials/resources.  I chose sessions that I believe are most applicable to online teaching/learning across a wide variety of academic disciplines.  Also, all of these session descriptions and materials/resources are available at the ISTE 2018 Conference website.  Please feel to contact me with any questions you might have about the documents, materials, etc.

1. Presenter: Dr. Vicky Cai   

Session Description: We will explain how Scholarly Conversations were designed and implemented in an Educational Technology course to improve the rigor of online collaboration. We will explain and provide visualizations of the patterns of Scholarly Conversations, and recommend evidence-based strategies for how to design and facilitate online collaboration.


2. Presenter: Dr. Johanna Prince (University of Maine at Farmington!)

Session Description: Join this interactive lecture to gain strategies for creating an online studio learning environment. In a studio approach students are creating, collaborating, networking and integrating new content in hands-on projects. This session is designed to help higher education faculty plan for translating this approach to an online setting.


3. Presenters:  Dr. Peña Bedesem   Chip Cash   Dr. Jennifer Courduff   Dr. Samantha Fecich   Dr. Peter Hessling   Dr. Dennis McElroy   Rachelle Dene Poth   Dr. Susan Poyo   Dr. Mia Kim Williams   

Session Description: Do new teachers really need to be experts in all things Google? How about Twitter? In this interactive session, we will showcase an updated crowdsourced list of top 10 innovative tools every new teacher needs, then engage in a critical discussion about using these tools to motivate and engage students.

* Many of these tools could easily be adapted to teaching online at the collegiate level.  


Take care, 


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