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Organizing Your Blackboard Course To Support Student Success

Hello All, 

Please view my video blog at the link below:

Take care, 


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Anne Fensie
This is great, Tim! Thanks for letting us look inside your class. This is a great example of how to sequence the learning for students and repeating the structure for each module so students know what to expect. I also like that you list the contents on the outside of the folder. I always recommend letting people know what's behind the click.

I would like to suggest adding your videos in a different way. It looks like you did Build Content--Create--File and uploaded the mp4. This requires the student to then download the mp4 to view it. If you have a large file and a student has low bandwidth, this can take a long time. An alternative would be for you to upload the mp4 to My Media in Kaltura and add the video using Build Content--Mashup--Kaltura Media. When you upload an mp4, Kaltura creates several versions of it to accommodate different platforms and bandwidth. It will serve up the most appropriate version of your video to the student. As an added benefit, you will also have access to viewing analytics if you load a video into Kaltura. You can see which students have watched the video and for how many minutes. I will be happy to show you how to do these things in Kaltura.
Posted on 4/2/18 9:32 AM.