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Hello All, 

As an instructor who teaches mostly online, I'm constantly on looking for new and engaging web-based resources aligned to course learning outcomes.  For my Fall, 2018 courses I'm considering adding a section in each weekly module in Blackboard that provides students access to Podcasts.  If you're unfamiliar with Podcasts, they're typically digital audio files that people can download from the Internet and listen to on a variety of devices (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).  Podcast listening is on the rise, especially among young people.  Also, many Podcasts are open-access (free) and come from reputable sources.   

Are other online instructors using Podcasts as a supplemental resource in their courses and if so, what are students' impressions?

Take care, 



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Karen Miller
I used podcasts as supplemental "reading" in my "Intro to Folklore" class for the first time, last fall. I am planning on adding more podcast to the class syllabus for next fall. I think the students find it very useful and a "friendly" media to listen and learn from as well as being able to comfortably fit it into their schedules, for example walking somewhere they can listen to the podcast.
Posted on 4/6/18 12:12 PM.