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UC Learning Services for Faculty

What type of support does the UCLS department provide?

New Faculty Consultations: Whether you’re new to the UMS or new to a distance instruction mode, the UCLS staff is happy to meet in person, by phone, or via video or web conference to address questions, concerns, or provide referrals for other services or support as needed

Faculty Policies: Submit your contact information and other important details to UCLS if you are a new faculty member, or if you’d like to update any of your existing policies.

Exams: UC offers statewide testing services for your online, ITV, or video conference course. At the beginning of the semester, let UCLS know that you will require onsite, proctored exams and send exam dates ASAP. (It’s recommended that the exam window is open for at least four business days.) Email a copy of the exam to the department 7-10 days ahead of the exam date. When submitting any exam, it is important to submit instructions with each one. UC will distribute the exam to locations with enrollments, arrange for statewide proctors, and facilitate the exchange of the completed exams.

For faculty teaching online or delayed viewing sections: Since students taking online classes do not select a class location upon registering for the course, you will need to direct those students to the Testing Location Registration form to choose a location at which to take their exam(s). Upon completing this form, students will receive a confirmation email and contact information for their location of choice, along with instructions on how to schedule an appointment. Because the availability of space and proctors varies from location to location, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the site or Center staff at least a week prior to each exam, to make arrangements.

A note regarding out-of-state students: Students outside of the state are responsible for finding a local education professional who is willing to proctor exams. Often times, students locate proctors at local libraries, schools, or testing centers. They should provide the necessary details and contact information for the proctor via the Out-of-State Testing form; UCLS will confirm the submission via email and forward the information to your instructor. After verification, UCLS will forward the exam to the proctor.

Moving Student Work: From receiving to returning, UCLS can manage the process for the exchange of student work. Students take exams or submit assignments at their local site and it’s either sent to UCLS or directly to the faculty member. UCLS forwards any materials received (either electronically or via “snail mail”) to faculty or a specified TA, and faculty return the graded work to UCLS to send back to students at their sites. UCLS logs and tracks the materials throughout the various steps of this process.


Audio Conferencing: InterCall enables students to collaborate with each other or with their instructor via a toll-free line. Students who are alone may participate in group work with other lone students, and students can form study or project-related groups for independent collaboration. The phone bridge can also be used by faculty for toll-free office hours and tutoring. It may be used any time, during or outside of class time, including weekends, and is accessible from any touch tone telephone in the US. Contact UCLS to have an account created for you.


UCLS: 1-800-868-7000