Services and Support

This is the place to find the resources you'll need to teach and support your students at a distance, whether you're teaching over ITV, compressed video, online, or on campus using instructional technologies. For those new to any of the available delivery modes, see our Course Planning Timeline for contact information, options for student notification, important information on copyright compliance and more...

Course Planning Timeline
At least two months prior to beginning of semester... New faculty: Submit a Faculty Policies form to indicate your preferences for attendance, delayed viewing, etc. Returning faculty […]
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Getting Off to a Great Start: The First Week
“Time in an online class is different from time in a traditional class setting. . . in the online setting I almost need to reserve [the] first week of class just for orientation; to make […]
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University College Audio Conferencing
Dial in from any phone in the country: 1-866-245-5616 Audio Conference Calls enable students to collaborate with one another or with their instructor via a toll-free line. Students who are alone may participate in group work […]
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Syllabi, Handouts, EReserves
Course Packs A course pack is a syllabus containing additional material, such as articles and exercises*. Any copyrighted materials, including but not limited to, articles, drawings, CDs and DVDs, must go through a clearance process […]
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