Pre-Class Readiness Check

VC ClassroomDo a quick readiness check before each class to make sure that all equipment is available, correctly configured, and functioning properly.

  • Locate the remote for the polycom system.
  • Be sure that you’re able to pan and zoom the main camera to show students in the room. If you use camera presets, verify that they are properly configured.
  • Be sure that you’re comfortable zooming in on board work or other materials.
  • Check the volume level in your room. (As you adjust the volume be sure that the volume level bar on the monitor is set at about the halfway point.)
  • Check microphone placement to be sure that the microphones are clearly picking up the voices of everyone in the room.
  • Locate the additional technologies that you plan to use. These may include:
    • VGA input/output
    • Document Camera: either
      • “Overhead” camera or
      • In-ceiling document camera and remote
    • Computer (if supplied in the room)
    • DVD player
    • Smart Board
  • Be sure that all participants know the technical support number (1-800-696-4357) and procedures for calling out from the telephone in their room. (This may involve dialing 9 or another number first.)


Teaching Strategies 

 Developing VC-Ready Materials