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Admin Documentation and Forum
This resource is for UMS admin users. 

What is on this page?

  • Known Issues
  • An RSS feed for Kaltura componant release notes.
  • Select documentation for:
    • Kaltura CaptureSpace
    • Kaltura Lecture Capture
    • Kaltura Blackboard Use
    • Kaltura Media Space use (video.maine.edu)

Kaltura Known Issues

Kaltura Known Issues

Kaltura Admin Documentation

Kaltura Admin Documentation

NOTE: If you have access to the admin console it is important that you do not modify the configuration of the disabled modules (and not enable them) without consulting your Kaltura representative/group. Changes impact all users throughout the UMS.

MediaSpace Documentation (Excellent Bookmarks)

Kaltura MediaSpace™ Setup Guide

Kaltura MediaSpace User Manual

Kaltura MediaSpace 5 and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) Release Notes and Changelog
Introduction to the Kaltura Entitlement Infrastructure
Kaltura’s Entitlement Infrastructure Information Guide
Kaltura MediaSpace™ Channels and Permissions Planning Guide
Kaltura MediaSpace - Full Knowledge Center

VIDEO Overview: MediaSpace Admin Basics | Kaltura Tutorial (5mins)

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