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Join us for our workshop "Creating Instructional Videos with Kaltura". Join us at this workshop to learn how to create instructional videos with Kaltura. We will learn how to record from your webcam, a powerpoint, a screencapture, a podcast, a document camera, or any combination of media. Video quizzes and collaboration will also be discussed. Bring an outline or script for a short video you would like to record, as well as your laptop. We also recommend that you bring earbuds or a headset with microphone. Presenter(s): Anne Fensie.
UMA - UMAB Date: Tuesday September 26, 2017  12:00 - 1:00pm  Location: 210 Katz (Augusta) & 209 Belfast (Bangor). Click here to register for UMA-UMAB session
UC Centers Date: Wednesday September 27, 2017  12:00 - 1:00pm Location: will depend on registrations. Click here to register for UC Center session.

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Mo-Fri, 10am-4pm (when classes are in session)

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Don't see Kaltura Mashup in Bb course?

If you do not see Kaltura Media  Mashup to add a new video to your Blackboard (Bb) course, here is a quick fix. 
It looks like Kaltura Mashup tool is not set as "Available" in your course. Please go to your Bb course and under  Control Panel-Customization-Tool Availability check the box next to "Kaltura Mashup" to set it as available. Then the problem will be resolved instantly. 
Here is a short video to help you navigate:
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Blackboard Tools Orientation  for Faculty
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Checking All Incoming Papers for Plagiarism -  SafeAssign
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Discussion Board
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Add Extended Time for an Accommodation
Do you have a student with a disibility request for an accommodation allowing them additional time on a test? If you use Blackboard for tests and quizzes, there is a setting that easily allows you to adjust the timer for individual students. Follow these steps:
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