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2017 Faculty Grants

Faculty E-Learning Grants 2017

2017 Faculty E-Learning Technology Grants

The Adult Degree Completion Committee Committee is pleased to announce the availability of Faculty E-Learning Technology Grants for 2017.



Grant Requirements & Criteria



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2017 E-Learning Grants



Project Awards up to $2000.00
Announcement from the Adult Degree Completion Committee Chair:

Submission Deadline is March 25, 2017


Dear University of Maine System Faculty,

The Adult Degree Completion Committee is pleased to announce the availability of Faculty E-Learning Technology Grants for 2017.

Identifying and promoting the effective and accessible use of educational technologies that support successful teaching and learning experiences in online and blended/hybrid environments fits squarely within the purview of faculty

Projects can be focused on emerging e-learning tools and/or leveraging existing UMS-provided technologies, for their potential to improve access, remove barriers to successful degree completion and enhance distance education opportunities throughout the UMS.

The Committee recognizes the extra time and effort required for faculty to develop technology-based solutions for their courses.  It is hoped these grants will help to support best practice in adult learning theory and instructional design and reward collaboration across the UMS campuses.

University College, working with faculty and instructional support staff, IT Services, and other groups will coordinate the evaluation and communication process for e-Learning Technology proposals and standards.

Grant proposal submission deadline is: March 25, 2017.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Dr. Linda Schott President,
University of Maine at Presque Isle

Chair, Adult Degree Completion Committee

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