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Accessibility Web Content
Use this comprehensive guide on Accessibility to learn about your responsibilities as an employee of the University of Maine System to make your materials accessible to all users. Instruction on tools is also included.
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Kaltura Classroom -  Video Overview
Currently implemented at UMA during the spring 2018 semester as campus pilot. Download Tipsheet here.
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Editing Captions in Kaltura
This is a quick tutorial on how to edit machine captions in your uploaded Kaltura videos. Machine-captioning only provides "up to 80% accuracy" and requires human editing to make it useful to students.
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Using Blackboard to Support your V/C Course
Blackboard comes with a host of tools that can improve your Videoconferencing course both synchronously and asynchronously. Please find this annotated list for some helpful tips for using and incorporating Blackboard with your Videoconferencing course.
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Blackboard Tools Orientation  for Faculty
A brief 5-minute video orientation of Blackboard environment for faculty with overview of the main functions of this learning management system.
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Checking All Incoming Papers for Plagiarism -  SafeAssign
Almost identical to an Assignment, a SafeAssignment only allows you to upload certain file types and is automatically checked for plagiarism. Instructors may also upload individual "suspicious" student papers for plagiarism check.
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Discussion Board
Discussion forums are used extensively in distance education as a way for students to "participate" in class, share resources, and engage in dialog around course concepts.
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Add Extended Time for an Accommodation
Do you have a student with a disibility request for an accommodation allowing them additional time on a test? If you use Blackboard for tests and quizzes, there is a setting that easily allows you to adjust the timer for individual students. Follow these steps:
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Copy your Bb Course content into a New Course
Copying course materials into a new course will add content to a course, but it won't remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a course if you have the role of instructor, teaching assistant (TA), or course builder.
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