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Using Educational and Third Party Apps in a Videoconferencing Course

Student at the ComputerWhether teaching and learning in a traditional face-to-face course, blended course, videoconferencing course, or completely online, there are many web connected technologies available to instructors and learners that offer more options for engagement and interaction.

The tools and scenarios listed here are intended to provide examples of what is possible through learning apps other than Blackboard.

The system of educational applications include but are not limited to:

Using Other Technologies to Support Your Course Gmail Google Drive Google Sites Youtube Blogger Google+ Communities Google Hangouts for Group Chat & Desktop Video Conferencing.

In this section we introduce these apps and provided some use case examples for each. Because each application requires some training and orientation to use effectively, rather than provide tutorials in this document, we provide you with links to tutorials and documentation for each one.

IMPORTANT: At this time the Helpdesks DO NOT provide support for ALL of these applications.

You can find beginner tutorials to get any learner up and running at Learning Apps Training Center site

View and download Scenarios for Using Apps with VC Classes.


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