Developing Videoconferencing-Ready Materials

VC Classroom

You can use both hard copy and computer-based visuals over the videoconferencing system. This section provides some guidelines for producing materials that all participants can read comfortably, regardless of where they sit in relation to the television monitors.

General guidelines

  • Use horizontal (“landscape”), not vertical (“portrait”) orientation.
  • Use only key words or phrases. Don’t try to include the entire text of your presentation.
  • Do not use all capital letters. They are difficult to read. Use sentence case. 
  • Try to limit each screen to no more than seven lines of text.
  • Be sure that the text is large enough to be read from across the room. Font size recommendations:
    • Headings: 36 point (approximately ⅜ inch high)
    • Subheadings or body text: 24 point (approximately ¼ inch high)

Writing on paper under the document camera

  • Use a dark, medium point felt-tip marker.
  • Use pastel-colored paper instead of white when possible. This helps to reduce contrast around the edges of text and graphical elements.
  • Use large, legible letters. Print if necessary!
  • Be aware of how your document is illuminated and adjust the lighting if possible. Preview the material for lighting and glare and adjust.
  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry when writing.

Prepared hard-copy materials for use with the document camera

  • Avoid thin lines and tight patterns as they tend to flicker over video.
  • Zoom the document camera closer to focus on specific parts of a document when necessary.

Presentation software (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Presenter, etc.)

  • Widescreen slide sizes best utilize available video monitor space.
  • Never use red and blue together!
  • Use sans-serif fonts (for example, Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva) because they are easier to read on screen.
  • Use adequate contrast between the text and the background to enhance readability. (Use light text against a dark background or dark text against a light background.)

Displaying content on a web site

  • Use screen captures appropriately enlarged if possible.
  • Otherwise, adjust the view of the screen using the key combinations below:
OS Enlarge Reduce Return
PC Control + Control – Control 0
MAC Command + Command – Command 0


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