Media Services

Producing an original video or audio presentation

Media Services can help you with studio production, desktop video and audio and editing/processing. We can arrange equipment loans, help with the setup of portable systems we have developed, and help you create media you need for an upcoming course. Software options supported by UMS IT and UMA enable each faculty to determine what media are appropriate for their distance offerings.

Streaming Video

Audio and video streaming can add a new dimension to your course. Since it is relatively easy to set up a link to the media you want to use, your students can access the clips from convenient locations in your Blackboard site.

You can link to existing resources online or digitize video and/or audio clips which you have produced yourself or which have clear copyright permissions. Many textbook publishers include media with instructor editions or have media on the companion website for the textbook that can be incorporated into your course. Some textbook publishers supply a Blackboard Building Block which can be added to your online courses.

Contact UMA- Faculty Development Center for more information

Phone: 207-262-7979


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