Blackboard Assignments

Blackboard offers a variety of tools for assigning work to students including the Assignment tool, Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Tests, and Discussions. Rubrics can be assigned to any of these to assist with your grading. The Assignment tool also includes software to help detect plagiarism, and the Test tool will automatically grade objective question types.

null Checking All Incoming Papers for Plagiarism - SafeAssign

Assignments with Automatic Plagiarism Detection (SafeAssign)

Blackboard’s plagiarism detection tool, called SafeAssign, is for instructors' use to discourage plagiarism in student works. To initiate an automatic plagiarism detection process for all student submissions, you simply create a regular Blackboard Assignment and activate “Plagiarism Tools” in its settings.

*SafeAssign does not provide 100% proof of plagiarism. Instructor’s investigation and judgment are required while evaluating the report.

1. Inside the Course

Go into any content area of your course, such as Course Documents, Content, etc. in the left navigation menu.

2. Create an Assignment

Click on the Assessments menu on the top and select Assignment

3. Write the name of the assignment and instructions for students

4. Activating Plagiarism Tools for the Assignment

Indicate “Points Possible” (1) and click on Submission Details to expand the window and select desired settings for plagiarism detection.

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