Blackboard Assignments

Blackboard offers a variety of tools for assigning work to students including the Assignment tool, Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Tests, and Discussions. Rubrics can be assigned to any of these to assist with your grading. The Assignment tool also includes software to help detect plagiarism, and the Test tool will automatically grade objective question types.


Submit Individual Papers for Plagiarism

Submit Individual Papers for Plagiarism Check (Direct Submit)

Direct Submit allows faculty members to submit one paper at a time or multiple papers at once in a ZIP file format for a plagiarism check.

 *Limitations: No more than 100 papers at a time in one ZIP file.  

File size limitation for uploads is 10 Mb. It is suggested to break up the large paper/file into smaller files.

1. Inside the Course

Under the Course Tools link click on the SafeAssign link.

2. Access to Direct Submit

To submit student papers, click on the DirectSubmit link.

3. Submit Paper

Click on the ”Submit Paper” button

4. Upload paper

Click on Choose File button to upload a file (zip, doc, docx, odt, txt, pdf, rtf, or html formats are accepted) or select Copy/Paste Document and enter Paper Title and Text inside the text box areas.

Click the Submit button


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